Check It Out

Check It Out

What is the most important thing you could possibly do in the foreseeable future?

Is it:

Well, surprisingly enough it isn't any of those.

Have you ever noticed how the urgent things in life have a way of constantly pushing the really important issues to the back of the queue? Here's an example - we've been thinking about making a will or organising some life insurance for ages, but we end up mowing the lawn, going shopping or just watching the telly instead. Similarly, most of us have very good intentions when it comes to answering those big questions which have been lying around in the back of our minds for ages - it's just that we never quite get round to doing anything about them.

Bible Purple CoverCheck It Out is not complicated – it's just a list of simple suggestions about how you could make a start.

You see, if God is there, if God is really who He says He is, if what He's said can be trusted and applies to human beings alive today, then we can take Him seriously - we must take him seriously whilst we have the opportunity - it won't last for ever, and none of us knows when the expiry date is.

So, if you're ready for some answers, try one or more of the following:

  1. Ask him – He is there, He can speak and He does speak to people today in a variety of ways;

  2. Look around at what He has made – what can be known about God is plain from the things He has made;

  3. Read other people's life stories, find out how they got to know Him;

  4. Get hold of a Bible, read some of it.

  5. Make a commitment to yourself that you're going to see this thing through and get to the bottom of it. Many people have a passing interest in spiritual things, but it is just that – it passes. The God of the Bible says that He rewards those who seek him – that means looking until you find. You won't regret it.

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