Good News Bytes - Printed Leaflets

The main section of Good News Bytes features a series of short articles written to encourage people to think seriously about the message of Jesus Christ in a post-Christian, post-modern society. All these articles were originally written as short leaflets to be given away.

In this section you can view images of each leaflet either by using the index on the right or by clicking on one of the thumbnails below. It is not our desire to sell these for profit, but if you ask us to arrange printing we will of course expect you to cover the printing costs and ask you to consider a suitable donation in respect to the time we put in to preparing the artwork for you.

The majority of the leaflets require professional printing as the colour extends to the edge of the pages. Four are suitable for printing in black on A4 paper (see below). For our own printing needs we have settled on an internet based printers and would consider arranging printing for you. Please contact us if you would like to discuss printing options with us.

The three leaflets featured in the main section which could be printed on a home/office printer (though we had them printed professionally) are I’m all right, thanks!, It’s pay day! & Lost something? In addition to these three we have included in this section a leaflet called Halloween: Treat or Trick? This is designed to be printed or photocopied onto Day-Glow paper. We have illustrated it as it would appear if printed on fluorescent orange paper.

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All written material in this section is copyright © Randall & Mary Hardy, 2015.